Setting the Stage: Welcome

Some stories are worth telling just once — their plot, their characters, their scope so impressive that they stay with you, regardless of how much time has passed between the telling and the remembering. Other stories, though, are worth telling more than once — their characters, their plot, their scope so enigmatic, so unique, so definitive, that they must be revisited time and time, and time again — so that we can stand in reverie of their continuous unfolding.

Such stories demand to be told without dilution or embellishment, so that the full and polarizing force of their every detail may be imparted and digested in such a way that the narrative is left to reshape every life that it touches.

This is just such a story. 

For the people of Destin, Florida, the narrative of Cuvée is one that extends into both the past, and into the future. The rich history behind the stuccoed walls of 36120 Emerald Coast Parkway gives way to a turning-of-the-page that is more a bold revisionary tale than it is simply a new chapter. It is a breath of new life, a wholesome memento of legacies laid to rest, and a vivid, shimmering promise of unfailing determination and integrity. 

We invite you to join us in the telling of this story — over and over, and over yet again. In the coming weeks, months, and years, we will be shaping the details of every scene, every character, and every moment as they unfold before our collective eyes. From the myriad challenges and nuanced emotional journey that is the process of transforming and opening our doors, to the development of menus both culinary and libationary, to the vibrant and pulsing heartbeat that you, our esteemed guests, will hold strong and steady — it is our hope that this series of insights and shared experiences will trace in the sands of our Emerald Shores a story of transparent and contagious passion.

The story of Cuvée Kitchen + Wine Bar is your story, just as much as it is ours. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and welcome

Allen, Daniel, and Zach