Zach Bingham | General Manager, Beverage Director

A product of myriad environments, Zach Bingham is no stranger to the adventures and the challenges of the hospitality industry. He started working in restaurants as a Service Assistant and barback at the age of fifteen, doubling as a preparatory cook, dishwasher, and maintenance staff member. He quickly developed a keen eye and a perpetual curiosity for ways to better shape the companies he worked for, as well as the team of employees around him. His introduction to fine wines and hand-crafted cuisines began at CRUSH Wine Bar in Seaside, Florida, where weekly wine seminars continued to stoke the fires of inquisition and eagerness to provide exceptional customer service and quality products. 

In 2013, he was recruited by Savory Restaurants -- now Bald and the Beard Restaurants -- to open Harborwalk Village icon Jackacudas Seafood and Sushi, as their Restaurant Manager. Thus began both a professional and personal career dedicated to local sustainability in food and beverage, as well as community-based concept development to bring new and exciting dining experiences to communities across the United States. 

His experience at Jackacudas led to Zach’s recruitment by ENSO Sushi Bar in Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois, where he was tasked with the reconcepting of staffing, beverage program, and culinary development. Following the completion of the contract at ENSO, he joined the now-renowned West Loop casual fine dining restaurant Salero. Under the tutelage of award-winning chef Ashlee Aubin -- an Alinea alum -- and Wine Director Christopher Fisher, as well as Beverage Director David Disney, Zach found new inspiration for the modern age of evocative restaurateuring. The focus on craft spirits, international wines, and uniquely-Basque Spanish cuisine pushed Zach to test his limits of knowledge and expertise in a way that shaped his own personal style and palate that is unequivocable to this day. 

From Chicago, Zach headed to Iowa City, Iowa, where he had previously attended undergraduate university, to head up the redevelopment of three local restaurants: One Twenty Six, which focused on a sustainable, local approach to classic French fine dining; Moonrakers, a hip and craft-inspired gastropub; and Hearth, a globally-inspired tapas and wine bar. From there, he was recruited by the management team at Joseph’s Seafood and Steakhouse, which followed in the vein of old-school Chicago staples Chicago Cut and Gibsons, with a flair for craft cocktails and one of the largest, most diverse wine lists in the entire state. The team at Joseph’s encouraged a sense of unanimous accountability and genuine hospitality, which only further emboldened Zach to look for ways to elevate general perception and guest experiences. 

It was from this heightened and renewed sense of inspiration that Zach was contacted by Bald and The Beard Restaurant Group, as they contemplated the acquisition of Cuvée Destin. In the spirit of Tim Creehan’s legacy as a chef and local community leader, Zach brings to us the genuine expression of hospitality, craft beverages, and executive finesse that will compel this new venture into the heart and soul of Destin’s present and future.